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Redskins Complete Flex Practice Schedule

The Hurricane Redskins just completed their May flex practice schedule. To casual observers and the players themselves these sessions seemed extremely familiar. The calendar said May but it may as well read August. Make no mistake these session followed the same format as all Redskin practices, with nearly the same intensity, fast paced and focused on fundamentals.

"We practice differently than most, more like a college team", Defensive Coordinator Jason Pratt summarized. The flex days gave the coaching staff a good dry run for the incoming Freshman as well as a chance to knock the rust off the returning players prior to June camp.

Pratt commented that "We really focused on establishing our defensive identity through drill work. We have a lot of questions and we need to develop some depth at key positions. Overall I was pleased with the flex practices and we are excited for continuing in June."

While Pratt looks forward to his second season at DC he has returning experience at several key positions. At several points during these practices every player on the field defensively had experience as a starter in 2016.

On the offensive side of the ball Coach Taylor does not have the luxury of having a large number of returning starters, as he has to rebuild much of the offensive line as well as introduce his 5th consecutive new starting quarterback. A positive upside is that the Redskins may have the most overall team speed at the skill positions in recent memory. During the flex sessions this speed and specifically the pace of the offense was on display.

The team has worked extremely hard and June is here and there will be no slowing down.

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