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Batman Returns!

It may sound like a movie title, but it was Buffalo High School's Head Coach Brian Batman returning to Redskin Stadium with his Bison squad this afternoon for a duel practice.

It was an interesting sight to see the Blue and Yellow clad Buffalo players side by side with our Red and White Hurricane Redskins. But there they were 2 of the 4 Putnam County Football teams running drills together.

Batman, who coached linebackers at Hurricane last season, was hired to replace long time Bison Head Coach Sawyer, has his sights set on returning the Bison to the Class A playoffs again this season.

The opportunity to practice with and against Hurricane, a perennial AAA playoff, is sure to pay dividends. Additionally coach Batman had the opportunity to catch up with the returning Redskin linebackers that he guided last season including; J.T. Cooper, Peyton Lunsford, Cameron Kimble, Cam Patterson, and Matt Hartleben.

For the Redskins not only did the players and coaches enjoy seeing Coach Batman, it is always beneficial to practice with and against players in a different colored uniform.

Additional duel practices are planned with Nitro and Riverside in the coming weeks as June practices continue.

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