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Doing Whatever to Win!

New year, new position, new number. That's what the 2017 Hurricane Redskin season has brought so far for senior Michael Watson. Not only will Watson wear #54 rather than #87 this season, he will also be called upon to solidify the Offensive Line. "The coaches asked me to make the switch and I will do whatever it takes to win." During spring practices Watson worked at Right Guard but has seen reps thus far at Left Tackle.

Watson has been a true team player concerning the move, "My job is to come out here, do what the coaches ask, learn the position, and get the job done."

He points to playing against the offensive line as a defensive end his junior year as one of the things that has made the transition easier. Continuing to learn the plays, signals, and timing are things he has to work on each practice.

One of the most important aspects of his new position is preventing opponents from doing something that Michael loved to do last year, "I love sacking the quarterback.'

Watson will also miss working with the defensive coaches and playing next to his buddies on the stop unit. During practice Watson is going up against some of the defensive players he battled with side by side last season. "J.T. (Cooper) is real fast on the pass rush, I'm quick and I can barley get a hand on him, but I will battle him and the others every day, but after practice we are all still brothers."

Watson credits Coach Stalnaker in helping him adjust to his new position. "He has worked with me on all the keys, big or small, that it takes to become a good offensive lineman." He looks at the challenge of playing OL as getting accustomed to pre-snap adjustments, and thinking rather than reacting as he did on the defensive side of the ball.

Watson is learning day by day and has the right attitude to learn a new position, but is quick to point out "I hope to get some reps on the other side."

Either way he will do whatever to win.

Notes: During the 2 minute drill at practice yesterday QB Austin Womack hit Dakota Williams on a long Touchdown pass........Curon Cordon expected to provide a jolt to the offense got some reps in at Corner....Bad news on the injury front as Dustin Russell left practice with a potentially serious knee injury......Happy Birthday to former Redskin and current WVU placekicker Mike Molina.

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