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The Making of a "STAR"

Cameron Kimble enters his Junior year at a familiar albeit new position. After seeing most of his playing time last season at Defensive End, Kimble will return to a more familiar role at linebacker. In 2016 he had 27 tackles and a QB sack while playing out of position. The fact is that Kimble loves playing football and would play anywhere the coaches asked.

Kimble sees three challenges in playing the STAR position in Defensive Coordinator Jason Pratt's defense. The Star must have good speed, be a textbook tackler, and possess the ability to drop into pass coverage. Cameron is not concerned about his speed, or tackling ability. "Defensive Ends dont cover a lot of pass routes," he says with a grin. Kimble thinks of a fourth challenge, as he offers sarcastically, "all I have to do is replace 2-time team defensive player of the year, and first team All- State Lucas Cooper "

" I told him to watch film from last year and just do everything that Lucas did" Coach Pratt said with a smile.

After a week of practice completed Kimble concludes, "The defense looks promising, we all need to step up, and live by the coaches' rules. Create pressure, Make tackles, Force turnovers, Score touchdowns.

He believes Spring Valley transfer Jesse Lester can be a big help to this years' defensive squad. "He's a player and he will be a big part of our defense." At this point in time the 11 defensive players that take the field against Winfield on opening night will all have started a game at some point in 2016. "We are all working hard and everyone is getting better, which is important because Coach Pratt strives to have 18 that can play defense at any time, we do not want to have one injury derail us."

Kimble never shy to offer an opinion chimed in on the Redskin offense. "No one asked me but I think (Austin) Womack can get the job done at quarterback, he can be the man."

When asked about the outcome of the upcoming season opener against Winfield, he gave me a quick glare and a prediction, "Never mind he said, dont write that, I dont want to end up on the bulletin board in their locker room, let's just say I'm looking forward to the season getting started."

A STAR is born.

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