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Noah Craddock: Spiderman.

After a recent Hurricane Redskin football practice, Noah Craddock was seen jumping and sprinting way from his locker. He had spotted a spider taking occupancy in his locker and wanted no part of it. In fairness to Noah it was pretty large as far as spiders go, but personally I have never seen him move so fast.

All kidding aside, Craddock is as intense as any of this years' Redskins. The Senior defensive back is quite passionate about being a Redskin. "I could not image playing anywhere else," he shared recently. He started last season until a health issue derailed his season.

As he begins his senior season he is not shy on what he needs to do to improve, "work harder" he offers. "I also need to work on my open field tackling." Perhaps the good news for Craddock is the swarming style the Redskins employ on defense. "We all get to the ball ever play." Noah's time on the field last season will also benefit him going forward, "I have a lot of knowledge of (Defensive Coordinator) Pratt's defense which took some getting used to last year."

Craddock points to a couple reason why the Hurricane will be an even better defensive unit this season. "We are ahead of every team in the state when it comes to depth, injuries will not affect us as much because we have so many guys able to step up."

When asked about the grueling nature of 2 a day practices, Noah admitted, "it's tough but hard work makes us all better." When asked if any particular teammate inspires him to put in this hard, he was quick to respond emphatically, "everyone one of them."

As far as a personal goal for the season, Noah stated "I want to lead the state in interceptions." When i ribbed him about dropping one at the end of that night's practice he laughed "that cant happen during the season"

Here's hoping that many opposing receivers get caught in Noah's web this season.

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