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Blake Ross: Prepared and Ready

As he prepares for his junior season, Blake Ross knows he will be counted on, more than ever. Last season he was a starter on the defensive line and performed admirably. This season he is being asked to not only get better at his defensive position, but also help solidify Hurricane's new offensive line. "It's a tough task, but I think I can do it." Ross offers.

He explains the difference of the line play on each side of the ball. "On Defense I am off on the snap going all out firing out to get what I can get. On offense I am more disciplined and make sure no one gets by more." He credits Coach Stalnaker for helping him get adjusted to the O-line, "he helps correct even the smallest mistakes." On defense Coach Shine and Monk "works with us all the time to make us better."

When asked the difference between this year and last, Blake credits that in the 2nd year of the new culture that surrounds the Hurricane program. "This season,every one of us is bought in and we are more prepared and ready to get started."

Speaking of getting started, Ross thinks of the upcoming game against Winfield. "Walking out onto the field with all the fans going crazy really gets my adrenaline going, you almost feel numb, we just have to enjoy it then block it all out and play."

While the Winfield game is obviously special, Ross like many of his teammates, point to another game on the schedule that he is looking forward to, "Cabell Midland! We have to show them that last year was no fluke." With Blake providing his solid play to both Redskins lines he will certainly be able to deliver that message.

While we were talking, JT Cooper walked by and teased his long time teammate that he seemed nervous, Blake responded, "Yeah no one has interviewed me before." Dont worry Redskins fans Blake Ross is never nervous on the field, a place where he will be A LOT this season for Hurricane.

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