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Ready for a Showdown

We are hours away from the War on 64. (Hmm that has a nice ring to it). As expected 17 of 19 experts from Charleston to Huntington have picked Cabell Midland to beat the Redskins. The two that believe the Redskins have what it takes to secure this huge victory are Nick Scalia and Rick Ryan.

We sat down with Hurricane Redskin Defensive Coordinator Jason Pratt for his perspsctive on tonight's game.

HFF: How do you prepare players for a big game like tonight against Cabell Midland?

Pratt: We prepare the same each week. To become a champion you have to prepare as if you are playing Clemson each week.

HFF: But this week has a special feel to it, correct?

Pratt: You have to respect every team you play. When you get to square up against a championship caliber opponent, yes those games are special.

HFF: Define special.

Pratt: Games like this have a certain intensity to them, an edginess. You have to prepare (ticked) off, and play that way until the clock reads 0:00.

HFF: After all the on field preparation in practice, what message do you deliver to your defense as they take the field tonight?

Pratt: To dig down deep and find a new level of their own ability at some point during tonight's game.

HFF: Any "special" motivation for this rivalry?

Pratt: Yes. I reminded them all week of Cabell Midland talking about "hanging 100" on us tonight, and how their coaches wouldn't shake our hands after last years game. That nonsensable stuff sticks with you.

HFF: Once that initial whistle blows it's all about football, yes?

Pratt: absolutely. I was honest with our team. I believe that Midland is the 2nd best team in the state. To beat them in their house will take an amazing effort. Our boys need to understand that it will take this MAX effort, maybe for 200 plays or more to beat them.

HFF: Sounds like you are fired up for this game.

Pratt: I love games like this. We are building something special here. Games like this are important to our growth and maturity towards becoming a championship program.

HFF: I have predicted a 38-35 Hurricane victory. What are your thoughts on that?

Pratt: I hope so. While I am not going to make any predictions, and I will not sell Midland short, but I think our guys have prepared with a championship level effort this week. I'm anxious to see this play out, I think we are ready.

HFF: And will you shake hands win or loss?

Pratt: I always do . We preach playing and acting with CLASS win or lose.

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