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Cooper lands on Pre Season List of Top Linebackers

Coalfield and Co. are self described group of former players, coaches, and fans who adore the sports that are played in the Mountain state.

They recently ranked players they deem as the best in West Virginia at their respective positions.

Thus far they have ranked Linebackers, Running Backs, Wide Receivers and Offensive and Defensive lineman.

J.T. Cooper was ranked at #5 among all WV AAA Linebackers.

Coalfield and company had this to say about Cooper, "He has been the centerpiece in one of Hurricane's best runs in school history defensively. Last year he had fellow standouts to attack offensives with, but with those guys are gone which leaves him as the sole man. Cooper has a good downhill presence and rarely misses tackles. He has obvious X and O control over his squadron which is paramount to a linebacker's success. He heads into 2018 with talent, hard work, and experiences."

Cooper and # 2 Drew Joseph of South Charleston were the only two inside backers on the top 5 list.

Additionally Christian Hill narrowly missed the Top 5 WV AAA Running back list as he was named as part of the Honorable Mention list. If there are truly 5 better backs coming into the 2018 season, we certainly have not seen them.

Finally after a stellar effort at the recent 304 Elite camp in Parkersburg, Dalton Geter made the list of Offensive Lineman to watch.

As the other positions are ranked we will be on the lookout for additional Redskins....perhaps Charlie Womack or Nathan Roy?

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