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Hurricane Redskins' June practices come to a close.

Even during the June sessions of practice it was a welcome sign to see players with different color jerseys join the Redskins for a duel practice.

Those golden yellow jerseys belonged to the Buffalo Bison coached by former Redskins assistant coach Batman.

Earlier in the month the Redskins traveled to Nitro for their initial duel practice. This has been something that Coach Taylor believes helps his team prepare for the coming season in a better way than the traditional Springtime 7 on 7 competitions.

One of the areas that Taylor seems to be excited about is the emergence of R.J Engel and Nate Barham as potential replacements in the passing game for the departed Dakota Williams and Curon Cordon. During the session with Buffalo, Barham made a nice grab, on a post pattern from Austin Womack, in traffic. Despite his lack of size he will be a large target in the Hurricane offense this season. Engel has the size but lacks experience, but will be expected to produce from the season's first snap.

Who was That? On the last play of one recent practice, before a torrential downpour hit Redskin Field, J.T. Cooper snagged a reception from Nathan Roy, during the following session Cooper was spotted playing on the Offensive Line.

Coach Taylor had offered this summation of the 3 week session on his twitter account: "Another 3 week finished. A lot of young guys got looks. We started to forge another O-Line. We found some receivers. Our defensive front might be the best I've had in 7 years, and J.T. Cooper might play every position on both sides of the ball before it's all said and done.

High Praise:

Coalfield and Company Ranked the top AAA QBs. After Kerry Martin from Capital, GW's Grant Wells and University's Logan Holgerson..........Nathan Roy was ranked #4! Their comment..."There might be no one who can throw a deep ball better than Roy in the entire state." Congrats to Nathan on this preseason honor.

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