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Hurricane High School Football Does Poor Job of Celebrating their record holders.

A few weeks ago South Charleston honored Drew Joseph for becoming their all time leading tackler. Tomorrow night Ravenswood's Luke Jackson needs 6 tackles to break that school's record.

What about the Hurricane Redskins?? The facts is that I am not sure if anyone knows. Chris Holsopple? Johnathan Horn? Phil Browne? Matt Harsog?? Perhaps J.T. Cooper??

J.T. takes the field tomorrow at St. Albans with a career total of 328 tackles. Does that total put him in the Redskin record book? Perhaps he broke one of the aforementioned former Redskins' record last week in his final home game versus South Charleston. Maybe like Jackson he is a few stops shy of the school record.

The issue is that no one knows, and I am not sure if anyone cares. For a football frenzied school like Hurricane not to know and therefore celebrate there own records does the school and it's players a disservice. In today's Gazette-Mail Rick Ryan wrote a nice article about Jackson and Ravenswood football. No article will be forthcoming on Cooper potentially breaking Hurricane's record.

I assume that next year Christian Hill will become Hurricane's leading All-Time rusher. I may be wrong, I dont know, because again there seems to be no such record keeping for Hurricane football. Hill is approaching 3000 career rushing yards and with games still to be played this season, and his senior year coming up next year, Hill may challenge 5000 rushing yards!! A record??? Maybe??

Again how can such a potential milestone not only go uncelebrated but unknown as well? This is unacceptable, and should be rectified.

Hurricane's leading passer? Your guess is as good as mine as well as anyone else's in this town or in the school's athletic department. Travis Jones? Probably....Justin Henry? maybe...Tyler Pate? possibly...Austin Hensley? Could be....Cmon folks this is just silly....there has to be a why to figure this out......

I'm told that statistics dating back to nearly the year 2000 are readily accessible, beyond that no one seems to know.

For now we move forward in uncertainty, which is a shame.

For argument sake I congratulate J.T Cooper as the unofficial All-time Hurricane leading tackler, I Assume pretty assuredly that Christian Hill will become a legend if not in my own mind, as the All-Time leading Hurricane rusher next season, if he does not already hold that distinction. And I will guess, because that is what I am can do is guess, that Travis Jones is the school's leading career passer.

I hope that someone reading this article can prove me wrong!

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