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Hurricane Redskin fans meet Curan Cordon

I recently stopped by Hurricane High School to meet Curon Cordon, whose family has relocated to the area from South Charleston. Just watching him play catch, I was instantly reminded why he was selection 2nd team AAA All state. Curon twisted and turned and caught a ball thrown behind him, with ease as if it were a perfect toss. Receptions of that type have not been seen in these parts for several years.

Speaking of receptions, Cordon has been well received by his new teammates and coaches, "I like the players, the coaches, and everything about Hurricane" he stated.

Of course the Redskins are excited about their new slot receiver and what he can bring to an offense. A glowing example is the playoff game he has against Huntington this past season, "316 (yards) and 4 tds" Curon proudly recalled.

But Cordon strikes me as a team player and he has been impressed by his new teammates work ethic. "Now I understand why Hurricane kids are so tough, it's the way they work out." He admitted that South Charleston players worked hard in the off season, "but not this hard, and their form is great."

Cordon believes he will be used as a slot receiver and hopes his 4.4 speed can offset the loss of Boobie McDougale, who was the speed threat for the Redskins last season. Curon remember "I was excited to run against Boobie (on the track) but pulled a hamstring and did not get to compete." Nowadays he is 100% focused on the gridiron.

Redskin Coach Jeremy Taylor is thrilled to have Cordon on the team and even found a red t-shirt to wear, "that orange and black was not working around here." he joked.

As far as Curon he is excited to be a Redskin and focused on his goals,"3.5" he stated, before I could quiz him about that potential unreachable 40 time, he responded "academic goal." As far as football is concerned he stated "win a state championship!"

While he told me his friends from South Charleston support him, the Black eagles' coaches were not thrilled with him leaving to play elsewhere his senior year. He did not seemed too concerned about that, "I'm happy to be here and Hurricane has a real chance to win that championship."


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