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There Is No Next Year

It's been a long road for Tommy Butler. When he was a freshman he thought maybe I'll play next year. As a sophomore he figured maybe I'll play more as a Junior, as a junior he looked forward to starting as a senior. "There is no next year," he stated. "I am more prepared (to play) than I have been in years past."

Butler made the move from the offensive line to the Defensive line late last season. The season he will switch his jersey number from 70 to 90. He enjoys playing defense, "I have a passion for it." Butler laughed and explained it this way "I would rather "kill" someone than keep someone from "killing" someone."

He has found that defensive practice took a little getting used to. "After my first practice with the defense all I recall thinking was Oh My!" After a few grueling days with Defensive Coordinator Pratt and the defense, Butler adjusted. "Coach Pratt stays on me some but he is a great motivator.

After a recent practice, Tommy and the Defensive line put in some extra running at the close of a "2-a-day" practice session. When asked how he felt when his day on the field was finally complete, Butler stated "It feels good to be done."

At 6'1 and 290 pounds Butler understands his role. Fill the gaps and pave the way for others to make most of the tackles and grab the glory, such is like in the trenches. "It does not always seem fair, but I have to make sure to do my job and not be overly aggressive." Butler admits that a QB sack or two would be nice.

Butler enjoyed a 2nd sport this spring as he played lacrosse for the first time. "I know a lot of my teammates and coaches gave me a hard time about missing work in the weight room, but I really loved playing lacrosse."

As he looked forward to this years' football season, he admitted to being leary of winning with an untested Sophomore (Austin Womack) under center. But after watching Womack stay in the pocket and deliver passes under pressure, Butler stated "I now have confidence in him to get the job done."

As for his goals for the season? A state championship for the Redskins, "that is why we are here," he states, and "making All-State would be awesome."

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