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Dakota Williams..."Going to be really Good"

Dakota Williams AKA "D-Will" returned to the gridiron last year and made an immediate impact. He caught 25 passes for 460 yards and 3 TDs to pace the Redskins. "I was a little nervous at the start of last season," Williams admitted, "but the seniors really taught me a lot and that really helped."

Dakota is trying to pay it forward this season. "I am trying to help the young guys as much as I can." He has noticed a different feel to the Redskins this season. "This team has bonded a lot more than last years team, we will be better."

Williams is 6'3" 185 lbs and is quick to point out that he has gained 15 pounds from this time a year ago. He wears the extra weight well and he appears to stronger than ever with no ill affects on his speed. Speaking of speed D-Will smiles wide when he talks of Curon Cordon his new running mate at receiver. "He is special, we are going to be really good, Curon and I will make the best receiving duo in the state" he claims without hesitation.

AS Williams explains Hurricane's weapons do not end with he and Cordon, "Abel (Cunningham) is getting a lot better and has good speed and hands, and (first time player) Bo Adkins is smart, tall, fast, and can catch. We are going to be a handful to defend, and wow I almost forgot about (Steven) Shine."


Dakota knows the potential knock on the offense coming into the season has been the questions concerning the offensive line and quarterback, he for one is not buying into that noise. "We have a bunch of good lineman and their doing fine." As far as quarterback he sees the competition between Austin Womack and Nathan Roy as a positive thing for each, "Their both doing good and it is going back and forth," he offers perhaps trying not to play favorites.

As for goals for the season, he like all his teammates define a State Championship as the ultimate plan, but offers a personal goal of leading the state in touchdowns and being named All-State.

When asked about a game on the schedule he is most looking forward to he offers up Cabell Midland. But first things first, what are his thoughts on the season opener against the Generals? "I hate Winfield."

Here's hoping D-Will and the Redskins will be really good this season.

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