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Shine On

After last season Hurricane Redskin fans may have wondered what Steven Shine can do for an encore. The 6'4" 240 lb senior is out to show fans that they aint seen nothing yet.

Shine lead the Redskins with 7 sacks and 16 tackles for loss among his 58 stops in 2016, although he missed one game and part of another. When on the field he wrecked havoc on opposing offenses and raised fear in the hearts of quarterbacks across the state. In addition, during Hurricane's playoff win at University Steven returned a interception for a TD.

As he enters his senior season he knows the coaching staff will be counting on him in several ways. "I will be playing some Tight End and H-Back" Shine told us this evening. The thought of some of the smaller defensive backs having to deal with Steven baring down on them will create nightmares across the Kanawha Valley.

Shine picked up another responsibility over the summer. "Yeah I'm the long snapper!" When asked how that happened, he said, "I have not snapped the ball since midget league, but when coach asked if anyone could do it, I said I could, and I won the job."

Steven did not play during the Winfield game last season, so he has waited two years for his chance to line up against the Generals. "I cant wait, it will be a real battle, a blood bath," Shine offered with a smile. Although Steven was cautious as he feels that the Redskins did "not play too well," during their recent scrimmages, "but today we stepped it up and will be ready for Friday."

Shine is confident that he is well conditioned for any and all roles that lie ahead, "We run all practice, all day, we sprint on the field, we sprint off the field we never stop." As if anyone doubts him, on this day after a work out and a long practice, Shine put in some extra work on the sled after most of his teammates were long gone.

Besides the home opener, Shiine has another game he is looking forward to, "Spring Valley," he says. "I got hurt in the first half and they kinda wore our defense down. I like competing against them."

Shine is quick to to give credit to his teammates on the defensive side of the ball. "Our front line is really strong, our secondary has speed, especially if D-Will and Curon are out there, and J.T. and Lunsford in the middle are strong and fast." Add Steven to that mix and the Redskins are primed for success. Success that Steven hopes takes the Redskins to a state title in 2017.

It is a family affair for Steven this season, not only is his Dad, Steve, a Redskin assistant coach but also his brother Corbin is a freshman CB/Safety for the Skins. "Corbin is tough, after all he has had to put up with me for 15 years," Steven laughs, "but he is pretty good I think he will get some reps this season, that would be a blast." And having Dad as a coach? "It was kinda tough at first, but now I'm taking the advice he gives me at practice."

Our advice for Hurricane opponents? Watch THAT guy!

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