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Hurricane begins 3 week June practice sessions.

Perhaps the most telling thing that can be said about the Hurricane Redskins' June practices the last several seasons is that it is difficult to tell a June practice from an August practices.

This is of course by design. "It's basically college spring ball" Defensive Coordinator Jason Pratt said on twitter recently.

This is the time of year that the coaching staff evaluates certain players at different positions specifically on the opposite side of the ball that they are accustom to. Some examples of the first two practices were Christian Hill working at safety, J.T. Cooper getting snaps at H-Back, Jordan Williams and Krystoff Kudlak working with Defensive Ends, Bomani Brooks at Offensive Line, and Walker James running routes from the slot.

Whether or not some or all of these players will play "Both ways" or permanently move form one side of the ball to the other is yet to be determined and these June practices go a long way on influencing these decisions.

Some Observations: With Nathan Roy attending a college football camp on Day 1, Austin Womack took the majority of snaps and it is apparent that his work in the off-season has paid dividends. His throws were sharp as his arm appears stronger and his footwork has improved. Roy returned on Day 2 and the QBs rotated with both having their moments.

The Offensive Line, now anchored by Dalton Geter, who will probably move to Center, looks good at this point, and the Skins may even have a certain amount of depth along the line. Bomani may find himself a permanent member of the OL. It is also good to see Nick Goad returning from injury and moving well. Blake Ross is an important piece, and may be a player that sees ample snaps on both Offensive and defensive lines.

Cooper lead blocking for Hill is something we can hopefully look forward to seeing quite a bit this coming season. Hill put up amazing numbers last season without a significant help of a lead blocker, given Cooper's size and strength, this possibility may have some thinking that 2000 rushing yards in 2018 is possible for Hill.


Jordan Williams new hair style.............

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