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Hurricane falls short in Championship Game of 7 on 7 contest at WV State

The Hurricane Redskins participated in their one and only 7 on 7 tournament this past Thursday at WV State. Coach Jeremy Taylor is not the biggest fan of these competitions and DC Jason Pratt less so calling 7 on 7's "a Joke" on Twitter.

But if you attend just one you might as well compete, correct? And compete the Redskins did, as they always do.

After a 1-2 start in pool play, the Redskins entered the Tournament play with a mission. Unfortunately that mission ended in similar, although certainly not nearly as important, fashion to the heartbreaking loss that ended their season in 2017.

Hurricane defeated Scott, disposed of Mt. View and knocked off Fairland Ohio to reach the championship game against the Huntington Highlanders.

The Redskins took a late lead on a Nathan Roy to R.J. Engel TD pass, and looked poised for victory. However Huntington killed that thought by scoring on a Hail Mary passes with 10 seconds remaining to secure the 14-12 victory.

Both Roy and Austin Womack had equal amount of reps at QB and both looked good, as neither threw an interception during the entire competition. A solid effort over 7 games!

According to my eye witnesses R.J. Engle and Nate Barham had a solid day at receiver, as did Ryan Moses who also found the end zone on more than one occasion. Abel Cunningham had some key catches as well. Christian Hill had a pair of TD receptions that helped push the Redskins into the championship contest.

Defensively Walker James had two pick 6 interceptions, while J.T. Cooper had one. Charlie Womack had a solid day in coverage and Engle showed well at safety. Newcomers Cord Midkiff and Cole Stover contributed to the defensive effort.

NOTES: J.T. James and Chase Hager were the only freshman to make the journey to Institute.

Coach Taylor found himself in an unsuspected wrestling match with a Spring Valley player. Which reminds me of an old saying...."I went to a 7 on 7 game and a wrestling match broke out." Thankfully no one was hurt.

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