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Kryzstof Kudlak: My job is to block people!

Kryzstof Kudlak is a senior who plays H-Back/Tight End for the Redskins. He is someone who lines up for each play with 3 things in mind, "Do my job, dont mess up, and do what they tell me."

Talking with Kudlak one gets the impression is that he is serious and committed to what he does. "My job is to block people," he stated with little emotion. He also admits to being brutally honest, A quality that was on display when sharing a tinge of discouragement over some of his teammates that were absent as the team started their first practice session.

Kryzstof was also quick to poke some fun at his mates on the offensive line, "it's real easy to be a lineman all they have to do is get their butt in the hole." In all seriousness he understands how solid the running game was last season and thinks this year's squad can duplicate that effort.

He pointed to Chase Lauerman, Bomani Brooks, and Dustin Russell as new key members of the line. "Lauerman, and Bomani are coming over from defense and if Russell stays healthy we should be fine,"

He also pointed to fellow seniors R.J. Engle, Gavin Bell, Cole Stover and Cord Midkiff as being potential contributors. "R.J. is what 6'5' with great hands, and a great athlete," Kryzstoff said somewhat excitedly, and then caught himself adding "if he can stay healthy for the whole season."

Kudlak also thinks things will be different this season in that players with see more action on both sides of the ball. As for him, he has seen practice time at defensive end. Back on the offensive side of the ball he laughed, "coaches told me back in May that they were going to throw 50 passes to me this season, I know better than that."

When asked what team he wanted to beat the most this season, he answered "Midland!", then stopped himself and said "no I want to beat Huntington even more, I'm tired of them!"

Coach Taylor has said on record that Kudlak "does all the dirty work, he's just another guard with an eligible number," whose job is to block people, A job that this Redskins does very well.

NOTES: The storm that rolled through the area yesterday left Redskin field short one flag pole.

Among some of the highlights during practice #3 Tanner Ross snared an interception, and Abel Cunningham had a nice TD reception. Also it appears that Walker James is becoming comfortable in his new role as cornerback.

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