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Cody Huber: Ready to Get Started

Cody Huber is a senior lineman for the Hurricane Redskins. Huber has played football for over 13 years, beginning when he lived in Parkersburg, prior to moving to Hurricane at an early age.

He has never missed a football season participating in midget league, middle school and now he enters his final year playing for HHS. "It's been a fun ride playing with Geter, Kimble, Cooper and Ross and the rest of the guys all these years and I'm ready to get this season started," Cody said as he is looking forward to his senior season. "I'm excited to see how we compare to last season's team.

"I'm happy to be a senior and look forward to being a leader in any way I can," he added.

Huber knows that he must stay prepared and be ready for any role he is placed in, especially trying to be an asset along the offensive line. During our recent conversation, Huber and I reflected back to last season, when at this time in August, senior Tommy Butler was unsure of his role. As the season wore on, Butler was moved from defense to the offensive line where he was a valuable starter down the stretch.

Huber is honest in acknowledging that he must get better, "I need work on my footwork," he offered. Helping in that regard will be coaches Stalnaker and Green. "I have great respect for my coaches but I know I get on Stalnaker's nerves," he laughed.

Looking forward to the season, Huber looks at Cabell Midland as more of a rival than Winfield. "I have a lot of buddies over in Winfield, and sure we talk trash leading up to the game, but after the game is over, and we beat them, we are back to being buddies."

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