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John Porter: "I Want an Interception"

John Porter is a junior who has been on the field with the Redskins' defense over the course of his first 2 seasons at Hurricane.

This season however, Redskins' fans will see John at a slightly different position. "The coaches told me during the winter and spring that I would be switching position from corner to safety. I was not sure they were serious until now."

The decision was made due in large part to Porter's tackling ability, a must at the safety position. "I'll be more focused on the run rather than coverage, and will have more time to read rather than reacting," Porter summarized. "You have to scout out everything, we are the last line of defense."

He mentioned that he and Walker James were basically switching positions and are able to help one another as they get acclimated to their new responsibilities. John also mentioned that Coach Midkiff, who is working with the safeties this season, has been a huge help. "Me and Charlie (Womack) tend to wing it at times, so listening to coach is going to help us a lot."

Porter thinks back to his Freshman year and the first time he started a game. "It was against GW and Grant Wells.

I looked around and thought, man these guys are 3 times my size, I was really nervous. Wells has such a strong arm, I'm glad that we played cover 3 which helped me out."

Perhaps a happier memory was also during the same season when he recovered a fumbled kickoff during a victory over Brooke. Porter added "other than that the only time I touched the ball in a game was when I returned a kickoff for a TD in middle school against Pt. Pleasant."

He hopes that changes this season, "I want an interception!"

As he looks at this season he is focused on a victory over Winfield, and is also looking forward to playing South Charleston for the first time. However like many Redskins he offers, "I want Huntington, we owe them."

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