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Nate Barham: Coaches Make Us Accountable

Hurricane Redskins fans will once again have the opportunity to watch a lightening fast South Charleston transfer perform on the field this season.

After welcoming former Black Eagle Curon Cordon a year ago, Coach Jeremy Taylor has another speedster at his disposal this season.

Nate Barham says his coming to Hurricane a year after Cordon is completely coincidental. However Hurricane fans see him as the potential 2nd coming of Curon as Nate has similar size and speed. "He says I'm faster," Nate commented on Curon's assessment of his speed.

He recalls how Curon took him under his wing at South Charleston, "he was the guy that I looked up to, he would call me his prodigy." In comparing their style of play, Nate pointed out that Redskin fans may see him on more screen passes and reverses than Cordon ran last season. "He was more of a deep threat receiver, although I can provide that as well."

When asked about differences between Hurricane and South Charleston football, Nate responded, "I feel like we have more heart and commitment here. In the off season we would see the same guys come around all the time, here it is a lot different, all our guys here are committed, and the coaches make us accountable."

When Barham arrived at Hurricane he shared that Christian Hill showed him the ropes. Additionally he added, "me and Abel (Cunningham) go back several years."

When we asked Nate to look forward to the 2018 season he offered some personal goals, "I want to double my production form last season." A year ago he caught 30 passes for 420 yards and 4 TDs, doubling that will be difficult but not unrealistic. I shared with him that that if the Redskins play 12 games this season including the playoffs, that would translate to 5 receptions a game. "Yeah I can do it," he said confidently.

When asked about one team he would like to beat most this season he said "I want to beat Spring Valley real bad!" Although he admits that Capital, GW, and of course South Charleston, are all games he is looking forward to.

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