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Charlie Womack: "Gotta Go All Out"

Charlie Womack is a Senior Safety for Hurricane. He is a 3-year starter and one of the hardest hitters on the Redskin defense. As he looks forward to his last season playing for Hurricane one thought runs through his mind, "I gotta go all out."

That comment may be a bit funny because if you have watched Hurricane the last 2 seasons you know that is the only way Womack plays.

Beside his fellow seniors, Charlie points out that "we have got to get the younger guys working as hard as possible, we need them if we are going to win this season."

Womack also notes some of the changes on the back end of the Redskins' defense. Walker James has moved from safety to corner and John Porter has move to safety from corner. "Porter really picked up playing safety pretty quick, I thought it would have taken him a lot longer, he really is doing great." Womack laughed when saying, "he may be doing better than me."

Charlie also noted Coach Midkiff, a new member of the Hurricane staff who is working with the safetys. "At first I was like, why is this new guy telling me what to do? But after a few practices it was evident how good he was, and he has been a huge help to me." Hurricane had not had a coach working only with safetys in recent years, and Womack loves the fact that "we can work on specific drills and get more done in every practice."

Womack loves how the defense is shaping up heading into the season. "The defensive line are all back and J-Will can be a faster version of (Steven) Shine. We have 2 starting linebackers returning (who combined for 240 tackles) and our secondary is solid."

When asked about Friday's opener at Winfield, he said, "it's a rivalry game we will be all hyped up, but we have to stay calm and avoid taking stupid penalties."

Charlie is also looking forward to Spring Valley- "they talk the most trash," Cabell Midland- "we hate each other," and Capital - "they pass so much and are so fast, it will be a huge challenge.

This hard hitting safety left me with a final thought as to why he enjoys playing football, "I love hitting people."

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