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Blake Ross: "Whatever it Takes"

Blake Ross is a senior lineman for Hurricane. No matter where Blake finds himself on Friday night against Winfield it will be somewhat of an unfamiliar position. Ross has seen most of his action the last two years as a valuable clog on the interior defensive line.

This season it appears that Ross will move to Defensive End AND will see time on the Offensive line as well. "I will do whatever it takes," Ross said. But when asked he admits that he expects to start and play a lot of snaps at both positions.

"I have been preparing myself for it all summer, I have to be in good enough shape to do battle for 150 plays a game." When pressed Blake admits that defense may be more fun, "you don't have to be patient, just get off the ball and go hit someone." He is also looking forward to playing DE, "my favorite thing about end is that I wont get double teamed every play."

When the conversation moved to the offense line, Ross says they are coming along. "Earlier in the summer the line was not looking great, but we are getting there and getting smarter. Bomani (Brooks) and (Chase) Lauerman have never played O-line so they are getting used to it, by the time Friday comes the guys that work hardest will line up against Winfield." Blake laughed, "We want to leave J.T. (Cooper) on the defensive side as long as possible."

On how he believes he will feel as he takes the field on Friday against the Generals, Ross responded, "Angry." He went on to offer that he wont be listening to any outside noise and all the emotion will end and football will take over once he hits someone as hard as he can. "We dont like each other that is no secret, I cant wait."

Ross said his personal goal this season is to get at least one sack each game, but most importantly, "make sure I do my job on both sides of the ball."

Blake offered one last thought as the curtain is about to come up on another season, "We hate Cabell Midland even more than Winfield."

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