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Bomani Brooks: "I will be a Beast this season."

Bomani Brooks is a junior lineman for the Redskins who started every game last season on the defensive line. This season Coach Taylor and his staff will be asking a lot more of Bomani.

"I'm going to play a lot of Offensive Line this season," Brooks said. "O-Line is a different it requires a different skill set, less reaction and more patience are the biggest difference than defense. Pass blocking is the most different as I have to set up and wait for for the defender." Brooks does add that "blocking for (Christian) Hill is awesome.

"We have a true potential to be really good offensively, we have (Nathan) Roy back at QB and our new receivers (R.J.) Engel, Nate (Barham), Ryan Moses, and even freshman Chase Hager are all threats."

Bomani also sees the newly built Offensive line coming into shape. "(Chase) Lauerman and I are still learning the position and Garrett Green is coming along, (Cody) Huber has really improved, (Dustin) Russell has stepped up, and (Dalton) Geter has always been good, he is strong and fast."

One thing that Brooks pointed out is that the intensity has been ramped up at practice recently. "Iron sharpens iron, the more fierce we are at practice the better, and the more fun."

Bomani believes his experience on defense will make him a better offensive lineman. "I know how a defender thinks," he explained. "Playing on both sides of the ball will make me a better player." However he has a certain love for defense. "It's all about reaction, finding the ball and just being an animal on the field. I love initiating the contact, and sacking a QB is an incredible feeling!"

I asked Bomani what his thoughts are on the 2018 season that kicks off Friday at Winfield, "I want to be the most dominant player on the field, and just be a monster. I am stronger and faster than I have ever been, I will be a beast this season!"

One game that Brooks is looking forward to is Huntington. "For me Darnell Wright is the greatest tackle in the state, if not the country, I want to bring it to him every play, he is an amazing player and if I do well against him, I can do even better against everyone else."

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