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2017 Redskins Lift-A-Thon

The Hurricane High School football team held their annual Lift-A-Thon on May 12. This tradition is a major fund raiser for the team, and has taken on a larger following in the last couple years as it immediately follows the conclusion of a youth football camp held at the High School.

Membership in this year's 300 lb club was an exclusive affair as Seniors Payton Lunsford (335 lbs) and Cole Runion (300 lbs) were the only players to crack the club. Lunsford is a two time member, as he was one of 8 to earn club status in 2016.

Assistant Coach Chuck Leadman quipped, "we are a speed team this season." With the likes of Curon Cordon, Dakota Williams, Christian Hill, Charlie Womack, and Abel Cunningham, Leadman may be correct in his assessment.

Other players to make the top 10 bench pressers were:

Dalton Geter Jr. (275 lbs)

Seth Mitchell Sr. (275 lbs)

Cameron Kimble Jr. (265 lbs)

Charlie Womack Jr. (255 lbs)

Blake Ross Jr. (255 lbs)

Bomani Brooks Jr. (245 lbs)

Christian Hill So. (245 lbs)

Tommy Butler Sr. (245 lbs)

Steven Shine Sr. (235 lbs)

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