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Austin Womack: Working Hard and Competing.

Hurricane's Junior Quarterback Austin Womack understands that he does not control who is under center versus Winfield when the season opens on August 24. He does know that hard work, preparation, and desire are within his control.

"I want the starting QB job," Womack states unapologeticly. The fact that a competition for the starting QB exists is a testament to the off season work that Austin has put in. Hurricane has a senior in Nathan Roy returning after a season in which he led the Redskins within a point of the semi finals in the AAA playoffs.

Undeterred Womack says he "worked his tail off" in the off season. He attended several QB camps and worked with a personal trainer in Nashville Tennessee. "We worked on my ball placement, escaping the pocket, and reading defenses."

As the season draws closer Austin says, "I'm excited, it has been a good competition once again this year, I will work my hardest every day at practice, if it goes my way that would be great, if not if the coaches want me to contribute at a different position I will, but of course I want the QB job."

Womack knows form experience that if he ends up backing up Roy again this year, that he must stay ready and prepared. "I have to ready to do my job at any giving moment." Such a moment came during his freshman season at Huntington. "I did not even know that Roy's helmet had come off, I was shocked when coach Taylor was calling for me, and even more shocked when he called for a pass, thankfully it worked for me." It certainly did as his first pass of his career went for a touchdown.

Last season unfortunately lightning did not strike twice. He entered the game against Cabell Midland after Roy's helmet came of, "their entire defense was yelling, watch the pass, I thought Uh-Oh, I overthrew the route and they picked off the pass."

Last week's scrimmage against Parkersburg South did not go as Womack had hoped, and he is certainly looking to improve on Saturday as Hurricane scrimmages against on Riverside at UC Field. He shared with me that QB Coach Long told him, "compete every day and whoever shows best will get the job."

As Austin looks forward to the season he looks at a key early game as setting the tone for the Redskins. "We need to beat Capital. it will be tough but if we beat them we can beat anyone on our schedule."

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