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One Practice in the books.

The Hurricane Redskins took the field at 12:01am and the 2017 Season was officially underway. The defense was in grey, the offense in red, and kickers in black.

Although dubbed Midnight Madness, it was business as usual for the Redskins as they methodically went about their business. Although as it is each year, it is a bit surreal to be practicing at this hour, everything else was quite ordinary, a fact we are sure Coach Jeremy Taylor and his staff were happy about.

There was one media outlet on hand as WOWK actually went Live during their 11pm newscast from Redskin stadium.

Another interesting fact were the number of former Redskin players who were in attendance. Some recently graduated such as Boobie McDougale, Nathaniel Simmons, Isaiah Thomas, Matt Lindmark, Lucas Cooper, and Dylan Plumley, to such others as Zach Cooper, Luke Browne, Dylan Hurd, Bailey Rose, Matthew Cooper, Dylan Kimble, Wade Cole and Khalil Sturdavett.

As for the practice, we saw some players working in different positions than they played last season, even a few on the other side of the ball than years past. One such player, Michael Watson, who recently switched jersey numbers from 87 to 54, looks to have found a new position on the offensive line. Of Course after one practice nothing is even remotely written in stone.

Practice #2 will be later today at 3pm.

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