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Meet The Team 2017

We know the Pre-Season is in full swing when the Hurricane Redskins annual "Meet the Team" takes place.

This year's event was no different as it was filled with the normal pomp and circumstance as Hurricane's band, cheerleaders, and dance team were introduced and performed for the nice sized crowd that had gathered.

Head Coach Jeremy Taylor alluded to the festivities as one of his favorite nights. Coach Taylor thanked his wife and kids for allowing him to spend so much time coaching the Redskins and went on to salute his 15 seniors.

At this point Taylor handed the mike to senior Linebacker Cam Patterson, who gave a riveting speech, touching upon last season's disappointing conclusion Morgantown, and a promise to make Redskins' history this year. Patterson also implored the Hurricane fans to support the team each and every game.

On this night the team, cheerleaders, dance team, and band were all looking great but they were not the only one. Chief Pride himself looked better than ever, freshly pained by Assistant Coach Green's daughter Olivia and wife Cheryl.

In all it was a fun night that gets Redskin fans pumped up for the coming season.

As for the team it was off to an early night as they will be off to Parkersburg South for a scrimmage in the morning. Buses leave at 7am and the action commences at 10.

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