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Curon Cordon: "Bring it On!"

First scrimmages of a new season for high school football teams are traditionally a ho-hum affair. This past Saturday was a little bit different for the gathering of Hurricane Redskin fans that traveled up I-77 to Parkersburg South. For this was their first time they truly witnessed what Curon Cordon is capable of on the field.

His speed, strength, hands, and excapability were all on display. Perhaps never better than when Curon made a juggling catch over the middle on a pass thrown behind him. Once he secured the catch he outran 5 defenders and sprinted nearly 70 yards. On the day he snared 5 receptions for over 130 yards.

When asked about the game did the senior receiver talk about his efforts or those of the offense? "Man our defense came to play, they shut them down" he responded. When pressed he was quick to defer to his offensive teammates, "D-Will was huge, and Abel (Cunningham) was impressive, he has improved a lot and is the future."

As for the present I asked if he agreed with Dakota Williams' assessment of the two of them being the best receiving duo in the state, He flashed a big grin, and simply replied "Yes!" Continuing on about the stable of offensive weapons Coach Taylor has at his disposal, Cordon singled out Bo Adkins as a "heck of an athlete", praised "little gage", (Soph Gage Truman) and Steven Shine or "Gronk" as Curon refers to him.

Another aspect of the offense that Curon heaped praise upon was the Offensive Line. "I have seen their growth from day one, they played well on Saturday." As far as the quarterback competition between Nathan Roy and Austin Womack, he offers that "Womack has been doing really well," but also stated that he and Roy put a lot of time in together in the off season and have developed a bond. Ultimately like all of his teammates he is behind whoever the coaches decide to start.

As far as the "killer schedule" that the Redskins play, Curon is unfazed. "We are ready, bring it on" he says in a confident matter of fact manner. "I dont care who we play, we have the same athletes and play just as well as any team on our schedule." In fact he believes that this Redskin team can go far in the state playoffs this season.

As far as the opening game against Winfield, Cordon who transferred to Hurricane from South Charleston, may not be familiar with the rivalry but is excited about it, but wont offer up any predictions, "I let my play on the field talk for me."

When asked about a personal goal for his senior season he offered up a couple, "I want to get 1000 yards receiving......and I have never beaten Capital." The Cougars and the rest of Hurricane's opponents best be ready to bring it on.

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