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Out of the Frying Pan and Into The Fire?

After vanishing some demons last week with an impressive victory over then #5 Spring Valley, #6 Hurricane Redskins continue their Whopper of a home stand as they battle the #7 Capital Cougars tomorrow night at Redskins Stadium.

Capital (3-2) suffered defeats to Huntington, on a last second FG, and Kentucky powerhouse Johnson Central. "They are very good, and fastest team we will see all year" Commented Hurricane Coach Jeremy Taylor. "Kerry Martin Jr. is a duel threat he is a great passer who can also make plays with his feet. Like I said they are very good, but so are we, and I think we are ready."

Capital beat Cabell Midland on a fluke late Hail-Mary touchdown pass 55-49. But let's not forget that Midland did put up 49 points and ran at will against the Capital defense. Can Hurricane and their balanced offensive approach not only score points on the Cougars, but also control the ball and the tempo of the game?

"Our offense is really a weapon right now," comments Hurricane Defense Coordinator Jason Pratt. "Our defense just has to get the ball to them and let them work."

Hurricane played a complete game last week. The offense, defense and special teams were all clicking. The challenge is to do that again tomorrow against Capital. The Cougars pose a different challenge then did Spring Valley. Unlike the Timberwolves who want to take the air out of the ball by running and pounding their opponents, Capital plays at a video game like pace and wants to score quickly and often with a impressive array of weapons.

Pratt says "they have the athletes to play with anyone in the state, but out biggest challenge is getting our guys to play together, and execute in all three facets of the game."

Pratt lists what he has instilled in the Skins' Defense since August's earliest practices:

Compete on Every Play

Refuse to lose on Every Play

Play with great Chemistry


So if the Redskins can handle adversity, as there is sure to be some against a quality opponent like Capital, play together,refuse to lose, and compete on every snap, who can beat them?

It may sound easy, but it is not especially against Capital. In fact, Hurricane matches up better with talented teams Like Spring Valley, Cabell Midland and Huntington than they do against Capital, as such, this game may be the toughest challenge Hurricane faces this season. had this to say about the match-up. "Huntington was the only team to remotely slow down Kerry Martin Jr. and Co., Hurricane could do the same. Capital is a scary opponent but if their offense doesn't get going- Hurricane could blow this whole thing wide open."

The Series: Capital holds a 12-4 all time series lead. That Includes 5 straight victories most recently last seasons embarrassing 62-20 victory. The last time Hurricane defeated Capital was back in 2012 when the Redskins prevailed 23-30.

Capital beat Hurricane in the playoffs in 2008, 35-14, and 2013, 38-10.

Hurricane is 2-4 at home vs. the Cougars.


At this point in the season, this game will be of great value for playoff seeding. A victory for either team would bolster its playoff resume, likely putting it on a trajectory to host at least one playoff game, if not two. Hurricane wants to show that last week's impressive victory was no fluke.

Hurricane must not back down to Capital and perhaps play a near perfect game to emerge with another huge win. No Turnovers, No Special teams break downs, control the ball score points without being too conservative on offense, while the defense does not allow Capital to strike fast for points...this one scares me....a little fear is good, right?

Hurricane 38 Capital 31.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part.

RIP Tom Petty 1950-2017.

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