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Day 3 Flex Practice: New Faces Make An Early Impression

I will preface this by saying giving ANY significance to the activity on the field during the 3rd flex practice in early June is as dangerous as driving through the construction on I-64.

However I witnessed some new faces from Freshman to Seniors that at 1st glance may provide significant help to the Redskins this season.

RJ Engel, a Senior, who has not played since his Freshman year (picture below) may be both the tallest and fastest player on the team this season. He just may provide the deep threat that the Redskins need now that Dakota Williams has graduated. On more than one occasion Engel burnt the defense to grab deep throws from Nathan Roy and Austin Womack.

Engel Freshman year

Also making an impression was Cord Midkiff, another season returning to the gridiron this season. Midkiff should be a nice complement to Engel as he showed nice speed and the desire to "go over the middle". Both Engel and Midkiff displayed good hands.

Cole Stover, a basketball player for Hurricane is yet another Senior who has not played football during high school, got significant reps at linebacker and may find a home there playing alongside J.T. Cooper and Cameron Kimble.

Gavin Bell, yet another senior is looking to make his debut on the turf this season, and got reps at receiver and defensive back.

Among the incoming Freshman J.T. James got an extensive look at corner, and drew some praise form Coach Joe Pratt.

But like I said it is early, but Hurricane will need contributions from as many first time players this season in order to make another deep run in the playoffs.

Notes: JT Cooper, off of a State Championship with Hurricane's Baseball team made his first appearance with the football team on Monday.

Christian Hill got some work in at safety.

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