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Hurricane wins contest for cover of Coalfields and Co. 2018 Preseason Magazine.

In a statewide internet contest, the Hurricane Redskins were a runaway winner in the vote determining the team to be featured on Coalfield and Co. 2018 preseason magazine. This once again demonstrats that Hurricane fans support their team like no other.

This afternoon Coalfield and Co. made the trip from Wierton to hold a photo shoot for the potential cover photo.

The organization selected 4 Redskin players to be part of the photo. Senior QB Nathan Roy, Senior OL Dalton Geter, Senior LB J.T. Cooper, and Junior RB Christian Hill.

The players donned game day uniforms and photos were taken in the Locker room and on Redskins field.

The magazine due in mid-August will debut on Coalfield and Co's twitter page. Additionally and for a limited time a hard copy of the magazine will be available for sale. When details of this are finalized we will let you know.

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