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Nathan Roy: Answering questions again!

One would think that a quarterback coming off a season in which he led a AAA team into the 2nd round of the playoffs, and was 1 play from upsetting the #1 team in the state and placing his team in the semi final round, during a season which saw him throw 17 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions would have no worries about job security.

Despite being ranked among the top ten best quarterbacks in the entire state, Nathan Roy is once again battling for the starting QB job at Hurricane.

Competition does not bother Roy, "It makes me work harder to get better," he said.

Last season when Roy transferred into Hurricane few knew of him, and even fewer gave him a chance to win the starting QB spot. Some fans believed Coach Taylor would either start Sophomore Austin Womack or even have Curon Cordon line up at quarterback.

But Roy prevailed and the week of the opener against Winfield, Coach Taylor let him know that he was the man. Roy never looked back, he played well and put up solid numbers leading the Redskins attack.

That performance impressed Coalfield and Co. who listed Roy as the #9 QB in the state on a list that includes at least 4 QBS who have scholarship offers to play at the next level, including Kerry Martin Jr. of Capital, GW's Grant Wells, Cason Payne of Pt. Pleasant, and University's Logan Holgerson.

Nathan takes it in stride, "I've always been seen as not good enough and hear stuff like that all the time, and it gets on my nerves sometimes, but really it just makes me work harder." Roy is the first to acknowledge that Womack is good, and the best guy will start.

However like most things on the filed, Roy will not worry about competition for the starting position. This same unflappable attitude helps him during games as well. One such play occurred against GW last season, when Roy eluded several would be tacklers, stayed alive in the pocket and found Cordon downfield to set up a game-winning field goal attempt.

When asked about his ability to avoid throwing but 3 interceptions Roy offered, "I have to be smart and not try to do something I cant" but also added that "at times you have to try to make a play and not be afraid of throwing a pick." He also shared that one of his goals this season is have less than the 3 INTs that he threw in 2017. A lofty goal for sure.

When reflecting upon some highlights from the 2017 season Nathan responded "beating Spring Valley and GW, starting my career at St. Albans I never thought I would beat those teams."

Looking forward to this season, he understands that 100 of his completions a year ago went to receivers that have since graduated, but Roy offers nothing but optimism. R.J. (Engel) is solid and has the height of D-Will (Dakota Williams) and Nate (Barham) is good and will remind many of Curon."

Nathan also points to Abel Cunningham, Ryan Moses, and Chase Hager as others that will contribute to the passing game.

When the subject turned to his newly rebuilt Offensive Line Roy responded as one would expect a QB would, "if we lined up Geter, Cooper, Ross, Bomani, and Cook we would have the best Offensive line in the State!"

Roy fully expects the Redskins to be back in the playoffs and hopes they get a chance to host at least one of those games, and like most of his teammates is hoping that this is the year that Hurricane can get out of the 2nd round victorious for the first time in school history.

Meanwhile he has a few games circled on the schedule, "I really want to beat Capital , and of course, Cabell Midland, they talk too much." After pondering for a moment Roy added another thought, "If (Scott) Tinsley ends up a GW than that's the game I want most."

Roy hopes to have some college offers by the end of the season, and knows that if he performs well he will once again answer all the questions anyone has about his ability.

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