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First Day in Pads

With the morning rains a thing of the past, it was a bright burning sun that greeted the 2018 Hurricane Redskins during their first day in full pads on Friday afternoon.

The Redskins worked up a fierce sweet as they endured a briskly paced session.

The offense scored on a nice pass from Austin Womack to R.J. Engle on a play that a certain blitzing linebacker may have ended if not prohibited from hitting the QB.

Here are some photos from day one in Pads:

NOTES: It will be a quick turnaround as the Redskins will be back on the practice field 9am Saturday. A week later Hurricane hosts Parkersburg South in their first scrimmage of 2018.

Hurricane added another first time playing senior. Riley Meadows has transformed from film Squad, to fan, to a short stint as coaches' assistant, to player. His long journey finally had him donning a helmet today for the first time since his midget days on A Team! Good luck Riley.

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