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Dalton Geter: "I know this like the back of my hand."

Dalton Geter is a senior who will line up at Center for the Redskins this season. Dalton tried to put entering his senior season in perspective, "It's crazy how fast it is has gone by. Realizing that any day can be my last, has really made me push myself as well as those around me."

Dalton will certainly be the leader of Hurricane's offensive line in 2018. He offered some thoughts about how the line will look in a few weeks when the Redskins line up to face Winfield.

"We are still rotating several guys to give them a good look. (Garrett) Green has been consistent and Blake (Ross) and Bomani (Brooks) have looked good coming over from the defensive side. Whoever is good enough will be out there on August 24th."

As far as his transition to the center position, a spot that was manned for 3 years by Cole Runion, Dalton reminds us that "I played center on JV as a Sophomore. The transition has been relatively easy. I have played every position along the line and I know them all like the back of my hand."

Geter admits that Guard is his favorite position along the line but adds, "Center is different and comes with a certain amount of leadership, as well as reading the defense as far as how the Nose Guard and Linebackers are positioned, I am ready to do what I need to do."

Asked about the quarterbacks that he will be protecting this season, Dalton offers that Nathan Roy is coming off a good year, and Austin Womack performed well when called upon, "whoever lines up against Winfield will deserve to be out there."

When I pointed out that it seemed more players were potentially going to play on both sides of the ball this season, Geter's eyes lit up. "Yeah the coaches brought me over to defense the other day in practice, and had me work on goal line and short yardage situations."

As far as his last game against Winfield, Geter had this to say, "we look forward to this game every year, this year is no different, we are going to put on a show." Although he does have one eye on another game during the season, "Huntington, we have had a chance to beat them every year I have been here, last year's 1 point playoff lose was tough."

Dalton admitted to being upset over the lack of recognition that Hurricane's offensive line have received. "We had one of the best running backs in the state and no lineman was mentioned in post season awards last year or pre-season acknowledgement this year."

As far as this season is concerned, Dalton comments that "Seniors need to step up and lead the team to its full potential. The offensive line will be a key to the team's success, if we are good the team will be good. The defensive looks strong and we need some new guys to perform well."

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