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Can Hurricane pull the upset?

Out of the frying pan and into the fire????

For the 2nd consecutive week, the Redskins face the 2nd opponent who can make a claim as the best team this side of Martinsburg. Last Friday it was the insane size and power of Spring Valley, tonight it is the insane speed and skill of Capital that awaits Hurricane @ Laidley Field.

For the Redskins senior class, especially those that have played since they were Freshman it is the last chance to upend Capital. The likes of JT Cooper, Dalton Geter, Blake Ross, Cameron Kimble, Kryzstof Kudlak, Cody Huber, and Charlie Womack have never beaten the Cougars.

Is it impossible to think the Redskins can win this game? Heck no......

"We have to establish the run and be patient," Says Redskins coach Taylor. "We cant give them cheap points and expect to win."

Perhaps Tim McCutchen will play a key role. Capital has 3 TD returns already this season on punts and kickoffs, McCutchen's ability to establish touch-backs on his KOs and his high booming punts can offset that part of Capital's weaponry.

Taylor continued, "We are still trying to find ourselves offensively, so we will have to lean on the defense to keep us in the game."

Leading the defense are linebackers Cameron Kimble (23 tackles ) and JT Cooper (22 tackles) who played key roles against the ground attacks of Winfield and Spring Valley, but Capital will test the Skins secondary in a way they have not experienced thus far in 2018.

"We dont have to play a perfect game to win, but we do have to limit self inflicted errors. I believe we can win this game," Taylor said.

Looking back to last year's contest. Late in the 1st half Capital held a 14-10 lead and Hurricane was driving. A potential TD pass was dropped in the end zone, and rather than enjoying a 17-14 halftime lead, the Redskins would have to settle on cutting the lead to a single point.

However Capital blocked the FG attempt and returned it 88 yards for a touchdown of their own and a 20-10 halftime advantage. Who knows if those 2 plays had turned out differently and Hurricane went into the locker with all the momentum.?

Prediction: If Hurricane can control the tempo and use workhorse back Christian Hill often to successfully keep the ball out of Kerry Martin Jr's hands perhaps the Redskins can frustrate the Cougars and force some turnovers.

I agree with Coach Taylor it may not take a perfect game to win this evening.........but it will have to be pretty darn close. Not a blocked FG in this one but a game winning kick by McCutchen gets Hurricane the victory.

Hurricane 27 Capital 26

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