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Horrible non-call thwarts Hurricane's Upset Bid in 34-21 Loss to Huntington

Hurricane was going toe to toe with #2 Huntington at Bob Sang Filed Friday night. The contest was taking on the look and feel as last year's playoff game, in which Hurricane feel a point short of a huge upset.

After the Highlanders scored first, the redskins responded immediately as Nate Barham returned the ensuing kickoff 99 yards to knot the score at 7.

When Hurricane's defense, which was led by Cameron Kimble (14 tackles), J.T. Cooper (12 tackles) and Walker James (12 tackles) forced a Huntington punt from deep in the Highlanders territory in appeared that the Redskins would have a chance to forge ahead prior to halftime.

However Hurricane muffed the punt, Huntington recovered and would ultimately score on that drive to grab a 14-7 halftime lead.

With his offense stalling, Coach Taylor changed things up and went to a Wildcat look with Christian Hill at QB and Jordan Williams at RB. Hill lead the Redskins downfield and when he completed a 21 yard pass to Barham, Hurricane had a 1st and goal. Three plays later hill scored to tie the contest at 14.

Once again the Hurricane D stymied Huntington, but the Redskins next drive was doomed by a snap over Hill's head. however Tim McCutchen's punt was downed inside the Highlander's 1 yard line, and momentum seemed on the Redskins side.

However Huntington QB Tay Blackwell took the very next snap and raced 99 yards for a go ahead TD.

Trailing 21-14 Hurricane was forced to punt the ball back to Huntington and when the Highlander's Isiah Carpenter lined up for a 29 yard field, which would put the Highlanders up by 2 possessions thing looked bleak for the Redskins.

What happened next will be remembered for a long time.

Blackwell bobbled the snap, got up and scrambled, (was his knee down?) he then threw the ball toward the end zone, where several of his teammates, receivers and lineman illegally downfield awaited. The pass was caught in the end zone but of course this play would not be allowed to stand.........

However 5 trained and qualified MSAC officials let the touchdown stand!!!!! How can they ALL have missed such an obvious infraction????? Their inexplicable non-call had basically ended the game as Huntington now lead 28-14 with just over 6 minutes remaining.

Taylor, was rightfully irate and let the embarrassment of an officiating crew have a LARGE piece of his mind, when it appeared his objections were falling on deaf ears he contested louder and harder and had to be restrained after he was ejected for multiple unsportsmanlike penalties. Taylor passion and his demonstrating that he had his team's back draw rave reviews form the Hurricane faithful as he made his departure form the sideline.

All that followed was window dressing after this, as Huntington took Nathan Roy's 1st interception of the season back for a touchdown, after Nate Barham returning the ensuing kick off for his 2nd TD return of the game.

The final score was 34-21 and Hurricanes' players, coaches, and fans were left to wonder what would have taken place if the only folks on the field who are paid had done thier job.

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